Decom X

For AF Decom

Decom X is a demolition robot built specifically for solving a problem at LKAB in Narvik.

The task we received from AF Decom was really exciting.
We were to attach the robot to a railway track, and lower it down into a hole 60 meters into the ground, in an atmosphere that breaks any machine or equipment in a matter of hours or days, and we were to extract some of the world’s most famous hard metals.

All this was to happen while Northern Europe’s heaviest trains continuously ran over the railway track above us.
We put together an interdisciplinary team with AF Decom, and together we managed to develop and deliver the machine in just 8 weeks.

We delivered on time, and budget, and we are incredibly proud to be part of this project along with AF Decom, and we see that with our wide variety of competence, the team we are together is able to deliver solutions and systems that is at the forefront of what is technologically possible to today.