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RWOCS Intervention System

The ROV Workover Control System – RWOCS is a multipurpose system, developed to simplify well access, well intervention and work over operations from any type of vessel.

With the use of a RWOCS skid, all the operational control equipment is fitted inside a skid and mounted under the ROV, thus no additional deck spread is needed than what is already being used by the ROV system – making it easy to move the system between installations as needed.

This method eliminates the need for an open-water control umbilical and a deployment frame deployed from the surface vessel. This is attractive in terms of the overall operational time required for subsea equipment deployment operations.

The skid has two built in power packs providing hydraulic functioning lines to control and test subsea equipment via an HFL. The power pack is providing hydraulic function lines 0-690bar.

The ROV Power Skid has a communication gateway enabling control and test of subsea equipment. Electrical and communication are provided by the ROV system. Electrical power is transformed in a built-in subsea transformer to power up the SEM.

Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit

This Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit (SHPU) for Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI) is developed in close cooperation with our Client, Aker Solution. The system is tremendous cost efficient and replaces 100t (!) deck equipment which is required for a traditional workover operation.

The SHPU are designed with a closed loop hydraulic control system, combined with a subseaWOCS Gateway,  enabling full control of subsea assets via hydraulic and electric flying leads.
Electrical power and communication are provided through the ROV system and are transformed in a built-in subsea transformer to power up and communicate with the Subsea Electronic Module (SEM(s)) located on the subsea XT.
Electrical power and communication interface from SHPU to subsea assets is provided via Electric Flying Lead (EFL).
The light weight of the SHPU allows the unit to be installed as a “stand-alone” unit on top of the Well Control Package (WCP).


  • Extreme Capex & Opex reduction
  • Replaces 100T deck equipment  (MCU, HPU, Reels and umbilicals ++)
  • Allowing use of LWI Vessel instead of Drilling Rig
  • Plug & Play – Enables control of LWRP without use of umbillical
    and requires no modification on subsea assets
  • Umbilical less use, operated through ROV
  • Reduced POB (People on Board)
  • Reduced mobilisation and demobilisation time
  • Safe and reliable operation