Who we are

At Envirex we all have one thing in common –
we all share true passion for technology and innovation!

We believe that anything is possible.​

Our employees are true superstars who can acheive anything when they put their minds together!

Our multi-disciplinary team makes us unique.​

Our multi-disciplinary team makes us unique! The Envirex team consists of engineers, designers and innovators. This multi-disciplinary combination enables us to solve everything in-house, which means faster delivery and better solutions for our customers, and puts us one step ahead of our competitors. We never give up and always strive to deliver the best products and solutions!

We love what we do.​

With a strong focus on details and quality this has lead us to where we are today. Our brand new and super fresh office building in Vardheia, Bryne, is the perfect place to let creativity florish and young talent can develop and grow into future industry experts. The fun work environment makes Envirex an attractive place to work, both for young and hungry talent, as well as experienced adults with solid industry competence.

Our philosophy is simple – We work hard and have fun while doing it!