Our Story

Stone by stone, we will keep growing, through enthusiasm
and passion for what we do, to reach our goals as one team!

Innovation and reliability since 2011

Envirex AS was established on November 1st 2011, by Thomas Aunvik from Klepp and Kenneth Thunheim from Bryne. They both had a solid background within hydraulic mechanics as project engineers. To get the business going during the first couple of years, they were hired as consultants for other large companies to work with development and manufacturing of hydraulic devices and mechanical equipment. Long days, and rarely any vacation, was something that slowly but surely secured capital in Envirex. All profits were put into company reinvestment.

Gradually, there was more activity in Envirex’ workshop and Thomas ended his consultant contract to spend more time focusing on building and growing Envirex. This resulted in an ever-increasing amount of work in the workshop, and shortly after, Kenneth ended his contract to join Thomas on a fulltime basis at Envirex.

First Employment in 2012

In January 2012, the first employment in Envirex AS was made, and Torstein Grødem became part of the team. They quickly discovered that certain skills were necessary to take Envirex one step further, so they taught themselves to draw in 3D and 2D while constantly investing in new machines and equipment. As a result, Envirex was now able to take on larger and more complex projects.

Expansion – Two More Companies Joins Envirex Group

The oil crisis back in 2014 became an excellent opportunity for Envirex to expand further. The crisis became a real door-opener for a small company like Envirex and led to several contracts directly from oil service companies and operators. In times that were characterized by redundancies and savings, the founders also discovered that there was a need for cutting-edge expertise and innovation. As a result, Envirent and iCsys were established – and Envirex had now become part of a small group – Envirex Group.

iCsys and Envirent quickly became important in enabling the deliverance and commercialization of more complex technology. During this time, leasing was also a strategically move, as the industry was hesitant towards tying up working capital. Most companies preferred equipment rental instead of purchasing assets – which suited Envirex and Envirent well! 

The future looks bright

As the years went by and the companies kept growing, more skilled and committed people joined the team, and today Envirex Group has a total turnover of NOK 500 million and over 100 employees. Envirex Group’s vision is to be a leader in our field of expertise. We will focus on our vision; “We care about the details; we drive for perfection”. Our values will contribute to ensure that Envirex Group is an attractive supplier and employer.

Together with our employees, we strive to always maintain and develop our workplace to make sure that we have a highly competent environment where we are committed to learn from each other and evolve as a team.

Stone by stone, we will keep growing, through enthusiasm and passion for what we do, to reach our goals as one team!