High Pressure Jetting Robot

Envirex Presents

A brand new high pressure jetting robot.

In collaboration with PumpSupply we have developed a brand new high pressure jetting robot. 

We were contacted by a customer who was having HSE challenges, where high-pressure washing led to wear and tear on personnel
To solve this problem, we developed in collaboration with PumpSupply a jetting robot that makes manual labor a breeze.

The machine moves on belts, and is modular based on previously developed products.
Camera technology 3D scans object and creates a semi-automatic flushing pattern.
The machine can be controlled with a control panel equipped with a pendant arm (link)

This robot can be used to remove paint, concrete and much more. The slim design lets it move through doors,
up stairs and general rough terrain. It’s battery driven, with a minimum capacity of 6 hours of active use,
and can also be used while connected to fixed mains.