New Apprentice

Our New Apprentice

This week, Sivert (17) started his two-year apprenticeship at Envirex after studying Industrial Technology at Bryne videregående.
We already got to know Sivert a little when he had a one-week apprenticeship at Envirex earlier this year and now
we are happy to have him on board on a full-time basis!

"While I was here as an apprentice for a full week in January, I got a glimpse of all the exciting and various projects the company is working on. That is why I wanted to continue my apprenticeship on a full-time basis at Envirex. I especially look forward to learn as much as possible about hydraulics and different subsea systems. I think this company is a really good fit for me, and the experience will strenghten my competence for the future."

Sivert Hatlestad - Envirex apprentice

Corporate Social Responsibility at Envirex

Corporate social responsibility is something we as a company take seriously, and through apprenticeships we support young adults so that they can complete their education, and learn and develop their skills in a strong professional environment.

In addition, it is important to add that apprentices also bring new competence into the company, both in the digital field – but also with their positive energy and enthusiasm. For us, it has become a natural way to recruit new talent. An employee who knows the company and has shown his or her skills throughout the apprenticeship is always offered a permanent job when the apprenticeship period is over.

We have invested in several talented apprentices since 2012. Our senior employees, project managers and our customers also support our apprentices, and let them take part in larger projects onshore as well as offshore or out in the field. We also have to teach them procedures, routines and safety guidelines in our industry, so apprenticeships is a good way to keep the HSE guidelines alive and updated within the company.

We are incredibly proud of Tore (19) and Aslak (20), our most recent graduated apprentices. Aslak has been a full-time employee for almost a year now after finishing his apprenticeship last year, whilst Tore will face new challenges this autumn when he leaves us to serve in the army for a year.

Being an apprentice at Envirex is highly recommended. The work environment is great, and you get to work on so many different projects, so you really get to strengthen your compentence and skillset. We also get to travel offshore and work with customers on different projects, which is both challenging and fun.

Aslak Fisketjøn (Left) And Tore Heradstveit

Giving students an early work experience

Every year Envirex also takes in 4-5 students from high school, who are interested in technology and mechanics and want to see what a «normal» week looks like at Envirex. We think it’s fun to see that young boys and girls take interest in us as a compan and want to learn more about us and the industry. It is also a great way for us as a company to give back to the local community by letting young students get some hands on experience from a local company and helping and supporting the on their educational journey.

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