New Office Building

Hello Bryne

Finally we can proudly present our new office building in Bryne where Envirex, Envirent and FOX Subsea will continue to grow in the years ahead. 
The building is strategically located in Vardheia, a modern industrial area in Bryne with a short distance to Bryne center and the train station.
The building is an investment in our employees, the Jæren region and our customers.

Built for growth
and the future

The new building reflects the companies’ innovative soul, and is a true symbol of our vision for Envirex Group’s future. All companies within Envirex Group now have the capacity to carry out larger and more complex projects, while still maintaining the flexibility of the deliveries we have become known for. The floor plan was designed to ensure efficient production and smooth work processes through strategic placement of machines and equipment, whilst all HSEQ requirements are carefully followed and taken care of.

The biggest upgrade from the old building is the impressive workshop and support center with several large gates, separate rooms for testing, prototype mounting, hydraulic mounting and much more. The hall is equipped with large windows that ensure a lot of daylight and increased well-being.

In addition, we now have cranes with significantly increased lifting capacity, which allows us to take on larger and heavier productions. We are especially proud of our new remote control center, which is quite unique here on Jæren. With the help of our own in-house technology, we can now offer remote support for operations around the world – live from our support center here in Bryne, no matter where in the world the customer is.

Focus on work environment and local recruitment

The lunch room, meeting rooms and common areas will contribute to our employees’ well-being and securing a good working environment. In addition, we have arranged for a brand new exercise- and changing rooms, so that employees can have a workout before, during or after working hours. The large reception area at the main entrance will ensure to welcome all our visitors, and seating areas
and social meeting spots are located in several places throughout the building.

For many years, Envirex Group has positioned itself to become a leading supplier of advanced subsea control systems, offshore services and product deliveries in Jæren, Rogaland. We are proud that we have managed to maintain a high level of production throughout the relocation process, even with a massive relocation of large machinery and equipment. We believe in the future – and this building is an investment
in the people who work here and Jæren as a region.

"If we continue to grow at todays pace, there will be a significant need for high competence and envirex group family members. To ensure we get the best minds in today's labor market, we must ensure an environment where employees can grow, develop and thrive"

Thomas Aunvik, CEO and Founder of Envirex Group