Titanrob Manipulators

Hydraulic light-weight manipulator series

Envirex proudly presents

A new series of manipulators for observation and light class ROVs. The new manipulators offer a vast reduction in weight, combined with a great strenght. 

The manipulators comes in variations as grabber, 5 function  and 7 function manipulators, all for 3000m depth ratio.
With the Envirex Group Master Controller, the manipulators may also be controlled by a pendant arm.
The jaw can be applied for various tooling and features. The manipulators require a lower flow for operation, which provide the use of smaller HPUs.

  • 3000m depth rating
  • Grabber, 5F, 7F
  • 3D printed titanium
  • For observation and light class ROVs
  • Low weight, high capacity
  • Servo Master Controller compatible
  • Lower flow requirements provide use of smaller HPUs

Available for purchase and rental